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Our Fitness & Health Professional at Move Your Body Fitness Anastasia Lykos, has 25 years

experience in the fitness industry and is absolutely passionate about fitness.  She is dedicated to the art of inspiring better bodies and healthier lives; delivering a new take on fitness consulting and personal training.

Move Your Body Fitness delivers integrated health management programs customized to suit

each client's individual needs and goals.

Anastasia will discover what moves and motivates you and work to develop a customized program that's tailored to you, using motivation to empower you to reach your personal goals. No matter what your fitness goals are, Anastasia will create a goal-focused training plan for you that will help you achieve and exceed those goals through diverse exercise routines designed to continuously challenge you


Train for a challenge, a milestone, for health reasons, or just because!

Accomplish something you didn't think was possible!

"You are great because somebody out there thought you were.  Many people have

gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could... 

I am that somebody…

I want you to be your best ever…

Believe that you can and I know that it will happen, I am with you all the way…."

"We can do this together!"

Trust in me… and we can go the distance...That is what personal training is… 

It’s about YOU… and ALL about YOU!!!

Every single session…We are in this together….Don’t give up!!!

Guaranteed a Better You!!

start breaking old patterns and making new successes!

move your body... to a better you.

full gym and professional exercise equipment
chest press
full set of free weights & kettle bells
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